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Mirrorīs Edge

So, got interested in this, mostly because of the interesting looking, beautiful maincharacter and the unique idea. Lets get to the review itself:


The game is about runner called Faith, she needs to save her sister. This sister got framed for a murder, so sheīs captured by this security corporation which monitors the information in the city. So runners are used to transport personal messages. The journey takes Faith to rooftops and skyscrapers in the city. Time to go head to head with the law enforcement and the environment!


The controls are excellent. Itīs great to see how well they have managed to include a huge arsenal of movements into few buttons. For example, L1: Jumping, climbing up, wallrun and high attacks when combined with attack, R2. Easy to learn and they really work, most of the times I got killed were just my own fault. And the levels where you need to use these moves, well designed. Thereīs some seriously thrilling parts and some clever "puzzles." The difficulty is kept very reasonable. You sure need brains, but itīs nothing extreme. Combat, well, you can either disarm only the necessary opponents, or grab a gun and shed some blood. Both ways work, depends on your preference. I did some shooting...

Graphics and sound

Graphics are great, expected that though. The gameīs world has a very clean look. Bit futuristic, could be said. But still very believable, you donīt see any robots and crap like that moving around. The game reaches the feel of motion extremely well at times with blur effects and all. You get to slide down wires and angled roofs. Even "just" running really looks and feels like something when Faith reaches her maximum speed. Sound effects and acting fatisfied me, good job there.


A great looking game with a fresh idea, what more could you ask? Well, a lot, and this pretty much has it all. Working controls and good level design. Story also carries the game on nicely. As mentioned, they really hit a bullseye with Faith, at least in my eyes. Tattoos to add personality, cool functional outfit. And a body that actually looks like something youīd need when you do unbelievable stunts at hundreds of feets. No Lara Croft-influences, thank god. The gameīs value has been questioned in some sources. The game is indeed pretty short, but then, the time it lasted, it really had me caught and the game felt just right. So Iīm not calling it too short, I rather play 8 hours of total enjoyment than 38 hours of lenghtened repeating. Well, I really need to recommend this to pretty much everyone, not to hardcore shooting-freaks though.

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