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Thumbs up Tekken 6

So what does Namcoīs newest creation offer us? Read on!

- Gameplay -

It works great, just as expected. Controls are simple enough and precise, if you lose, donīt blame the game. Longer combos are hard to do, as they require rather exact timing; You canīt just input the commands in a row and sit back and watch while the character does them. Counter-hits and counter-throws need to be timed well too. Pretty satisfying to pull them off though. :D New aspect is the rage mode. When characterīs health decreases past a certain point, rage is activated. Itīs indicated by a red glow in the life bar and characterīs hands, and it slightly enhances the striking attacks.

When playing online, if the connection is bad, playing might get pretty laggy. Usually it works fine though and opponents are easy to find.

- Graphics -

Easy 5 / 5! Characters look gorgeous, very detailed. You can see the veins on some characters for example, stitches on their clothes... Also, characterīs have very good looking faces. Emotions are shown really well. Stages are fine looking too, and now offer some interactive elements, like breaking floors. CG is pretty stunning once again, and the story boards in each characterīs prologue look good too. Some endings are also damn hilarious! Namco hasnīt lost the sense of humor. ;D

-Sound -

Nothing to complain, sound acting is very good, actors fit the characters. Sound effects are well done too, bones break with a nice sound. ;D

- Characters -

As usual, the designs are good. The new characters (Miguel, Leo, Zafina, Alisa, Lars and Bob) didnīt make an impact on me really, but theyīre still well made and unique. New boss character called Azazel is also introduced. Azazel is a huge egyptian creature. It will surely cause annoyance, even more than Tekken 5īs boss. Jin Kazama acts as a "pre-boss", and he has rage mode activated the whole match. Some characters, for example Asuka, King and Xiaoyu have a third bonus outfit. Except these third outfits, characters can be customized quite a bit. Thereīs large amount of different clothes in many different colors for each section, like head, upper body and feet. Default outfits can be modified with different colors too. Customization items are rather costy. With only one-on-one-matches, obtaining anything bigger would take literally dozens or hundreds of matches. Campaign mode is best for earning items and credit for them.

- Game Modes -

Thereīs the basic modes, including arcade, practise, survival, versus and team battle. Tag would have been sort of cool, but itīs not that important. New modes are the Campaign and online modes.

is similar to the good old Tekken Force. You first control one of the new characters, Lars Alexandersson, and are assisted by Alisa, who you meet in the first level. Soon you get to choose another character to play with instead of Lars. This mode can be played with 2 players also, when both can choose any character. However, the story will still follow Lars and Alisa. Playing is pretty straight-forward, you need to K.O. the waves of opponents in simple levels including forests, cities and docks. This mode is a good way to obtain some credit and items for customization mode, as those are dropped by knocked out enemies. Items obtained also affect the gameplay in this mode, but not in other modes. When worn, some shoes for example can make the attacks more powerful and so on.

In online you can play either ranked matches, or matches that donīt affect your rank. Matches are best out of five; 3 rounds need to be won, which is quite much. This apparently canīt be adjusted, but on the other hand, itīs good while it gives a better chance to get used to the opponent, and perhaps to recover from lost first rounds and turn the situation.

- Overall -

Huge value guaranteed for everyone who loves beat īem up-games! Thereīs close to nothing to complain about. Different modes offer lots of things to do offline, alone or with a friend next to you, and I anticipate that online fights will live for a good while.

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impressive, cant wait 2 try it.

My PSN show in green flame ^^^
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Pretty good review.. GJ..
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Good Review RevyFan, nice work :)
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