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MKA review

MKA-Mortal Kombat :Armageddon
The more time will passÖ

ÖThe more things will go down the drain.
When all the wonders of the world will be destroyed, there will be no time left to ask why it all came to this.
Even the efforts made for the last generation of this fighting game franchise will disappear or be destroyed by a sequel that ends up being a simple compilation of what was added to this veteran gaming series. Every effort towards having new features and characters that were remarkable in the two or three previous games lead to this really sad point. A boring slaughterhouse where anyone can die. This is depressing. Some of the great stuff that was great about MKDA and MKD was kept. The rest is not being matched this time around, the two games will remain awesome efforts, lost in time. Sad.
This time around, every fighter in the Mortal Kombat playable rosters is sent to battle in a deserted Edenian crater. Unlike the characters that were added in the previous game, it was also the very first time you would see a couple characters that only had one shot at the Mortal Kombat. Stryker and Sheeva, for example. YEAH! What is it that is so bad about Stryker compared to some other characters that he never made the cut again after MK3? Heís back and heís a pretty cool character this time. Not above average but correct. He had a big break after all. Hum, before one says that Iím forgetting about the other compilation games in the MK collection, this is obviously my intention.
The sixty and plus characters that we know will form two groups one being the darkness and the other representing the light and theyíre going to tear at each otherís throat in order to climb on top of a pyramid where stands Blaze. A fire being created in an attempt to protect the realms against the coming Armageddon. But it is believed that Blaze, if defeated, will pass his godlike powers to the one fighter who will be able to come out victorious over the others and defeat him in Mortal Kombat. The whole statement that is said in the beginning of the opening sequence, the whole roster arriving ready for battle, it started as a good punch in the face that unfortunately turned into a really weak slap. Proving that all those characters stories and reputations are nothing, they all blindly believe Blaze could be their savior or annihilator. They all live to kill one another in resume. (Even the earthrealm defenders start to feel a lust for blood in this one). And I used to think some of them were somewhat smart! This is needless to say that the fighters forming the evil side are so treacherous by nature that these ****ers might end up turning on each other as the opening sequence seems to offer a really confused type of battle. But the narrator clearly says that at the apex of destruction, alliances will be broken so. Even on the good side, before Blaze even appears on top of the pyramid, Johnny cage kindly pushes Sonya Blade down the stairs. He wants the power for himself that arrogant millionaire fool? At least Jax fights Quan Chi and Scorpion fights Sub Zero.
Sure some characters have had the chance to see themselves granted with biographies explaining their trip to that crater for the battle. I guess these bios involved characters such as Raiden, which after reviving Liu Kang seems to have made a deal with Shinnok. Or it was Onaga who made that deal with Shinnok. Whatever. Ashrah and Nitara. Both the vampire Nitara and the demon lady Ashrah had really cool and related Bios.
 Click to show spoiler

Nothing more was needed to create a plot line to a character.
 Click to show spoiler

Do you understand anything?
Interesting plot imo. One of the cool storyline of the last years in the series I would say.Well I thought the efforts were considerable after reading both their storyline but THEY DONíT MATTER ONE ****ING BIT SINCE ALL THESE BIOS WERE RELEASED AND MAYBE WRITTEN AFTER THE GAME CAME OUT. They both fight other characters in the opening. Well, unless Ashrah is invisible and her hits canít harm anyone, she doesnít fight Nitara. So that newly revealed rivalry didnít exist when the game first came out. It is a great possibility for both in the future. Releasing all these bios after the game made them both really confused characters like they often do with younger characters. Nitara was neutral and hoping to free her realm from Shao Kahnís imprisonment so she asked for Cyraxís help back in MKDA. (Being against Shao Kahn is enough to make you good god dammit!! Why have her evil or neutral?)She helped Cyrax in return so it kind of forced the crew to write GOOD on her bio cardís alignment. She is defending a realm so the alignment with good felt natural. Ashrah is a demon, we must not forget. Making a demon trying to be good with bad motives and a vampire being bad with good motives I guess. AndÖ Even though I donít think this is a really evil act to simply take control of the realms, the ending of the vampire in Armageddon
 Click to show spoiler

Are you not confused enough?
And it was the same for most of the characters. Raiden
 Click to show spoiler

Thank you very much but do we really need it since we kill each other everyday anyway?
 Click to show spoiler

Well, with sixty characters, Raiden, Liu Kang and Nitara arenít the only ones having those really poor endings you can be sure of that but I got bored after playing the arcade mode three times. Sixty five times to be correct if I want to see them all! Must be some better endings there god dammit! But, no thanks. I donít really mind for the others today considering the fact that they were non canon. I ainít sure about what Iíll say there but, everything is so confusing this time that the vampire chick might be one of the more noble characters in terms of intentions. Uh?!
Other than that lame plot that is the Mortal Kombatís so called Armageddon there are some good parts I must admit. First, the gameplay is not much different from MKDA and MKD. I say not much because with more than sixty characters this time, each of them has only two fighting styles instead of three. One hand to hand and one weapon style, making it less brutal than the two previous games. The game is fun somehow but with so many characters, a plot can never matter much so they were heading towards a non canon game I guess. You can always kick the ass of any fag or kill the character you dislike the most in the series since heís there.
The addition of air Kombat doesnít help though. Sure it provides you with cool looking combos? Theyíre not even cool looking imo! And thatís about it. Being able to strike your opponent in flight is as useless as Onaga and Nitaraís wings are for that feature since they canít even get bigger combos even if theyíre ones that you donít need to play with to see that they are equipped to fly. There is still the juggle feature after all. Unlike MDA and Like MKD, all characters are equipped with the same features once more so except for the characters that have the power to regain some of their life, the challenge is pretty much taken away even with this air kombat addition. They screwed it up in one word. There are still characters like Goro though, which are back with the feature that you canít perform a throw on them. That even if Onaga and Blaze are much bigger than him and even with her wings Nitara will fall back when trying to climb on Goro! Lame! Sheís not pushed, she pulls back. Once again, whatís so bad about having to drink blood?
Baraka and Kung Lao have the best flying fight in the opening sequence while the vampire Chick is seen as sheís arriving on the field. But using her legs like every other character instead of taking the lead or going on top of the pyramid with one flap or two of her wings!! Make me grow wings and you can be sure that I wonít be using my damn legs for anything anymore!! Ok, Iím exaggerating by pretending that one second moment matters in the opening movie but that was ridiculous. This is Mileena that you will see flying and landing on someoneís back to try and bite his neck! Why?? This time Onaga uses his wings to catch an opponent to fly off with him and she doesnít do. Nothing to do with the fighting system but weíre almost done about that anyway.
I wonít grieve. Nitara will still make better use of her wings during fights than Onaga. She can still distance herself from her opponent quickly with using them. But it was only one button to input in MKDA and now itís a special move. And a complicated one to input in the middle of bullying your enemy. Adding to that, instead of only spitting blood in the face of your opponent this time, you can use Nitaraís wings to go in the air with one flap and spit down on his freaking skull. Soiling Raiden and Kung Laoís hats.
With cutting one fighting style from each character, Nitara sadly lost the one style that made her a serious contestant for most powerful character of the bunch in Deadly Alliance. MAKES ME MAD!! But still, her weapon combos have changed a little and these new combos for the kamas arenít to neglect. They are pretty decent in terms of style, maybe better and truly decent in amount of damage. This is more like her. Fortunately she hasnít lost everything. One can only assume that all the characters are left with a little something. But Raiden isnít only weak in terms of power this time. I disliked playing with Thundergod for the first time.
To close on the fighting system, along with breaker, everyone has a Parry feature. Unlike breaker, you can use it as much as you want. It is a little harder to perform though and pretty much like the Deadly Alliance reversal, it provides you to turn an opponentís attack against him. KOOL!
The arenas still include death traps and some added arenas will be interesting enough to make the cut. In one particular arena you can throw your opponent on a catapult where stands a fired up rock. The poor victim will slowly burn until heís catapulted right into a brick wall. I admit that is one of the funniest death traps in the series. The funniest in my bloody mind since I hate to use the death traps feature. The bell tower is back and this time you can knock your foe against the bell causing him to fall one floor under. Once he fell through the first floor you join him down and then you can knock him way up the bell when standing under it. Once the character is dazed, you can knock him into the spikes under the floor in that arena. Just like it can be done in many other arenas where there are the designated spots.
The arcade fights donít add up to the ones you could have in MKDA and MKD though and this due to the lack of beauty or interesting stuff to notice and also the one fighting style missing per character, making them all weaker this time. They still have strengths but the ridiculously aggressive bear fighting game that was DA has faded slowly to give us this smoother game. Unfortunate turn of events.
In terms of fatalities, well guess what. Kiss the good old originality goodbye cuz each character has a fatality which ends up being similar to another one. This time the only thing you can do during fatalities is tearing apart your adversary. You have to start with a series of inputs and follow up with another one to add one more hit each time. There is a bar appearing on the screen and going down to tell you the time left to input a series of buttons. When performed correctly, a fatality might be up to eleven or twelve hits such as tearing an arm and then using the body part to hit your opponent on the next strike. After a completed fatality, the adversary will end up on his knees or be lying down with his head, arms and even spine pulled out. I didnít found that fatality system particularly cool or of any interest. But if thereís one thing about it, it adds some brutality to a game that surprisingly ended up as a shame compared to the two previous ones. But I already said that.
The Konquest mode is still really fun this time around. You will play as Taven (A new hero character. Why do we need a center character in a fighting game? Hero or not, this one isnít one of my fav char.) in a God of war type adventure game. This isnít as complete as Gow of course but is still well made.
 Click to show spoiler

You will also have to learn how to fight against a gang of thugs and how to use all of Tavenís godly powers. Sadly, it will end up as
 Click to show spoiler

Half human, half god, Taven was awakened to start his journey to Edenia in order to face Blaze and render all the other fighters harmless. But Taven found out that his brother Deagon woke up before him and heís already on his way to the Armageddon gathering point. Obviously, Deagon is sided with evil and if Taven fails to defeat Blaze, his brother might do so and the result of that would be that all the MK characters powers and strengths would grow bigger. Their bloodlust would only be fed stronger and they would destroy the very fabric of the realms. The option that one of the brotherís victory might kill them all is also mentioned. How dare you guys disgrace such a vast and interesting roster with a Ben Affleck clone god damn?! So all of the characters you grew up liking about that franchise have no importance here in this gameís plot. Even after you read the cool bios like the one I resumed a little earlier. They live only for blood and for fighting each other in Mortal Kombat until only one remains. Taven and only him must defeat the great being Blaze if he wants the realms to be saved. I think this is disrespectful to the sixty characters defending the very core of many realms but nevermind. Nobody cares about characters like Hotaru or Kobra and sadly nobody will care for the years to come. They want it that way?
A mini game called Motor Kombat was added in this installment and was surprisingly fun. In this game you will race in cars with some MK characters of course. It reminded me of a SNES game which I really liked. Mario Kart. Only this time you ride in some of the Mortal Kombat environments and you use your characters abilities to your advantage. For example, riding with Scorpion will make you able to use his spear move to pull an opponent back and take the lead at some point. Sub Zeroís ice will make the other racerís car slip and crash.
All in all, Mortal Kombat: Armaggedon is a little more than a totally blank fighting game but that compilation that closes the chapter of the ps2 generation doesnít keep up with what the previous games were promising for the future and this is really sad. Seeing that all those new cool characters that were there since MK4 were all gonna line up to the slaughter instead of being developed enraged me so bad. This time it might also be the Konquest and the Motor Kombat that provides you with the most fun out of it instead of the arcade fights. This is really disappointing to witness in a sense and if it keeps going in that direction, be sure that you sadly wonít see some of the young characters for the ten years to come. The overall MKA game didnít help the characters at all so itís a little unfair. We might also be dead when they start exploiting some of the good stuff those new comers have to offer. Just like it used to be for characters like Baraka, Kabal or Nightwolf. This is a bad sign. The inevitable Armageddon could have been avoided after all. But they made that game happen.
I will give this one a 6/10 but I highly doubt it deserves any generosity even though there was some good stuff in it. These confused half cooked plots made me think so bad about that franchiseís supposed potential but letís see.
We at least had some new storyline in bios to chew on for a while after all. And even though not too many characters were offered a full plot line or bio, I think this is the promising stuff. Sadly, they had to release MK9 which is the reboot of the franchise. At this rate, if there is a need to remake another one, step to mk4, DA and MKD as fast as you can (Alternate stories a little and start developing the characters.)
The arcade mode remains playable for MKA. And for the little effort that was put into making that little compilation like the Konquest, Motor Kombat and the try at some bios and other extras that the deluxe edition offers, I will recognize the little good times of creativity that passed by in the working room. But coming again to the defense of fresh stuff that will probably be too easily thrown out the window instead of being used and developed, itís chances that they seem not to take when they show up. The MKA game has no storyline at all imo. Forget about the characters but your favorites and have a try. You will have cool fights for sure, but not the best fights MK has brought us and better fights have to be coming soon.
FATALITY is slowly performing on itself a finishing blow.

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MKa Konquest mode is similar to MKSM
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Yeah, sort of. But i don't remember if the characters in MKSM were ever walking with their back turned to the camera like Taven or more often it was a side pose and walking from left of screen to the right.
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