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Lollipop Chainsaw review

Yeah, The Texas chainsaw massacre meets Resident Evil for another round of Zombie hunting in the game Lollipop Chainsaw. A game that many could mistake for nothing more than a rip off of the most violent and ruthless things seen on T.v and in video games. But these thoughts would be somewhat wrong, believe it or not. George Romero's early work has had a lot to do in inspiring this flick... I mean game, Juliet's school San Romero is even named after the famous horror director, but thanks god he was and still is the best in the department of zombie flicks.

The game in itself is supposed to be seen like more of a fun ride imo and it still shows some really interesting stuff. The vast world of violent entertainment is depicted trought a really cartoony feeling this time around.

The story is simple. You will play as Juliet, a teenage cheerleader that just wakes up on her birthday (She's turning 18) and she quickly realizes that she's going to be late for school. There is another problem in her path, as she makes it to her school, she soon finds out that the establishment is under the control of flesh eating zombies. Scary? Not really. The word FUN sounds more like it since Juliet will grab her Chainsaw and start putting those monsters to pieces as soon as she sees them all lined up in front of her for the slaughter. Just a little detail is the fact that Juliet is only one amongst a family of fearless zombie hunters so she's kind of used to the adventure that you will be offered in this game. And that only makes the game the more fun.

Making her way to her school, Juliet will clean up the parking lot, to finally meet with her boyfriend. This only to see him get bit by an undead as he tries to warn her. There is still a way to save her boyfriend from becoming one of them though. And this is by chopping his head off. Be for it or against it my love, Juliet does chop his head off and perform a ritual of some kind of magic on it. Once in the school, the poor guy will wake up and realize he's nothing more than a head, not bigger than a soccer ball. And will witness all of the adventure as he ends up attached to Juliet's belt with for only privilege, the chance to look at his girl's butt all the way during her fights, and even sometimes get his nose stuck right between her... Well you can see what i mean.

That being said, this is only the beginning of the story and from that point on, the game is about one thing only: Ride or get rolled on. Killing flesh eating zombies until you reach the end of the level and meet with bosses such as: A Punk Rock zombie, A Hippy Zombie and so on. The soundtrack of the game even really enhance the fun of walking through the game this time around.

Most of the time, you will find yourself surrounded throughout the game but that goes without saying that a good chainsaw wielder can easily chop off pieces off zombies like arms, legs, head. Juliet was even trained by a Japanese Sensei that will appear to help us at some point in the start of our journey to save the highscool. You will also have to collect coins in order to buy stuff such as clothes, food and devastating chainsaw combos. There is something that annoyed me in the fact that the game is relatively easy and short to beat, but still each time you manage to defeat a boss or come close to it, a member of Juliet's family offers her a present (This is her birthday remember). And each present offered will be an enhancing tool for your chainsaw that will become a helpful weapon for the future stages of course.

To be noticed: Some moments in the game seemed to be added so the player doesn't get bored of killing zombies over and over. Still, these moments involve killing zombies, but they're really fun. Such as Basketball, where you have to chop undeads heads off, they magically fly through the basketball net though, unless you forget to kill the defense man first. Baseball zombie. But these little moments seem to grow even funnier. The old farm will have Juliet waking up on a tractor at some point and there's nothing you can do other than drive the vehicule in a field of undead, desmembering them all one after the other. Juliet will even end up trapped in old arcade video games and be induced in games such as the Pac man one. But there is nothing too hard to do there. These are just really interesting and original moments, considering that none of them last more than 2 or 3 minutes each.

That all being said, i bought the game at full price and being short as it is, one might want to wait til the price drops a little and that's probably the good decision. But all in all, Lollipop Chainsaw had me cheering up on my seat and Jumping, Jaxing during the whole ride because this is what it is. A really fun adventure to walk through. Nothing scary at all, the violence doesn't even seem to be overused. But this might have you shedding tears of laughter. The rest is about strong language and subjective themes obviously... Hum, really subjective i should say.

This surely isn't a game of the year contender but one of the funniest installment that i could discuss about so far this year.


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Is this game available on Xobx360?
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It is. Pretty fun game.
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